Joana Montez


Wedding dress collection

“Flowing” is a collection of unique wedding dresses, with 100% natural light fabrics, fluid skirts, with little volume and a mix of patterns, made for brides who like a casual style.

Harriet cape/coat + Thea gown

Blanche gown

Alice top + Vee gown

Eleonor gown + Aimie coat

Alba gown

Lucy gown

Grace bolero + Emma dress

Angie gown

Joy gown

Paige gown

The collection is inspired by the boho style. In other words, it does not follow rules, it inspires a lifestyle, it approaches cultural reasons that associate a state of mind with clothes. It expresses a balanced fusion of trends from different decades. It doesn’t follow rules and is different in each person.

“Flowing” collection was designed for the romantic, sophisticated and modern bride. A woman who attaches great importance to design, the originality of the pieces and the way they fit. The bride Joana Montez does not do without quality and comfort.