Joana Montez

Entrevista a Eve Arabia

Janeiro 16, 2013

Could you please speak about Joana Montez & Patricia de Melo, how do you know each other…etc?
We have met at Art School, during high school years. We had immediate empathy, so we have decided to follow our passion for clothing and register at Lisbon Fashion School, where we both graduated.

When you started having that passion of designing cloths?
Both of us have been designing cloths and accessories from early age. Cutting old dresses and transform them into something else started as a fun game for a 9 year old child to play, but soon it became a real passion and obsession.

Why did you choose to design wedding dresses only? Do you have any intention to design more costumes which are very far from the wedding spirit?
We have started by designing all kinds of clothes, from evening dresses to corporate uniforms. At some point, our wedding dress collections caught a special attention from the market, so we decided to follow that way and we had instant success, selling mostly for Portugal’s upper classes. Selling weddings dresses became a global industry, so we saw there an opportunity to create an exclusive product, with a unique touch, according to each bride’s body and soul.

What is your inspiration?
Our inspirations comes from everything that surrounds us, from nature to urban culture. Inspiration comes from a introspective moment at the country side, or from a sudden emotion at a city event. Designing wedding dresses gives us a lot of creative liberty, because it’s a very conservative market and there are a lot of prejudices that we like to contradict. Although we have absolute respect for all religions and traditions, we decided to design wedding dresses that follow the global trends, not a memory from the past.

Would you please tell us about your latest collection (the fabrics, designs…etc?
Our latest collection lies on simple and fluid lines. Skirts cut on the bias, in very light fabrics like tulle, muslin and silk organza. Overlays, transparencies and frills. A collection with many handmade details. Necklaces and belts embroidered with rhinestones, crystals, beads and sequins, to add some sophistication.

Tell us more about being a part of the fashion shows in Costa Atlantic Cruise in Dubai, what do you expect?
We are delighted with Jessica’s invitation for such a glamorous event. We cannot expect but the best fashion show we have ever been in, because of the luxurious environment and he brands that will be present. Most important too, we appreciated J Model Management professionalism and pro-activity, it gave us a lot of confidence to come to Dubai. Finally, we enjoy the multi-cultural and international ambient of the event and this will be an excellent opportunity to show our product to the middle east markets, luckily from a country with such a strong economy as Dubai.

Who is your role model in the designing field?
Alexander McQueen’s geniality, specially his work in luxury fashion is our biggest influence.

Who is the Arabian designer that you are very fascinated by his/her work?
We follow Zuhair Murad’s for some time.

Do you feel that your designs fit the Arabian women? What is the different between the Arabian & the foreign taste of choosing the wedding dress?
We are yet to learn the differences, this will be our first experience in Dubai, so we’ll need to learn more about it’s culture and it’s society. We have seen some beautiful work from Arabian designers and we believe that we can match the Arabian woman expectations., without compromising our natural talent.

What is the new fashion trend in spring/summer 2013?
This spring is set for intensive usage of strong colors, cut and color contrasts and fluid silhouettes.

Do you feel restricted by the global fashion trend?
We don’t feel creatively restricted nowadays, new trends and ideas are inserted into our society at a very fast rate. Trending has become a trend itself, so everyone is looking for something new everyday. We can only focus on our vision, stay confident in our path and absorb what we can from global trends.

In your point of view, what are the most popular mistakes that women do when they wear or choose their wedding dresses? How could they avoid them?
We tell our clients to follow their own style and choose the right silhouette for their body. Also, the time and place of the wedding must be taken in consideration, when choosing a dress.

What are your hopes and ambitions in the coming years?
We would like to have the opportunity to work in haute couture.


Interview conducted by Aggie Popowicz for Eve Arabia Magazine