Joana Montez

Emotional, by Joana Montez

Janeiro 24, 2016
Emotional - colecção de vestidos de noiva por Joana Montez

Joana Montez is a Portuguese fashion designer who dedicates her craft into creating the most perfect wedding gowns for her clients. Every single gown is made in a atelier environment with thorough attention to details of cut, sewing and embroidery. Naming her latest collection “emotional” feels as appropriate at it could be since so much emotion is laid into her creation and production process.
Emotional is a boho chic collection where transparencies, lightweight fabrics, embroidered details, laces, and feathers are combined to create ethereal silhouettes. Raquel Castro, of AtmosfiaThe Destination Selected Vendor, was responsable for the editorial photographs for this collection, which picture an unposed, relaxed and natural mood with a slight pinch of drama. Here is a selection of our favorite gowns of this collection you’re sure you’ll love.

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