Joana Montez

“Breeze” catwalk

December 17, 2019

The presentation of Joana Montez’s new wedding dress collection took place at Alfândega do Porto last November 2nd.

“Breeze” is a collection of wedding dresses, inspired by the boho style and flowing forms of nature. She was made to think of the independent, standards-free woman who has a free spirit and loves to live life.

“Breeze” is made up of wedding dresses made from 100% natural lightweight fabrics, fluid skirts and low volume, for those who like a casual style.

“Breeze” is inspired by boho style. That is, it does not follow rules, inspires a lifestyle, approaches the cultural reasons that associate a state of mind with clothing.

Breeze expresses a balanced fusion of trends from different decades. Does not follow rules and is different in home person. It is a collection of unique wedding dresses, each representing the innovative spirit of the Joana Montez brand.

Photography: Profoto Studios